Can I use the patterns in themes I make and sell on ThemeForest (or similar sites)?
Yes you can, but it’s always nice if you credit the site in your theme description.

Is it OK to use your patterns in commercial projects?
Yes it is.

Can I publish your patterns for download on my site/blog?
You can link to http://bpatterns.blogspot.com/, but not directly to the patterns.

Can I make CSS3/coded versions of your patterns?
Yes, but please link back to the original pattern (ex: http://lea.verou.me/)

If I make a new pattern based on one of your patterns, can I publish it as my own?
I guess you could, but being nice about it and crediting the original author is always a nice thing to do.

If I link to your site, will you link to mine?
No, sorry.

Can I use the patterns for my print projects?
If you find the resolutions satisfactory, and it works for you – sure.

Can you make the collection available as Gimp files?
Not at the moment, sorry.